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247Deposit.com is a website owned and operated by eimports4Less Auto Sales, Inc at 124 W Dublin Pike in Perkasie, PA 18944.

eimports4Less uses this website to display our available inventory and make leaving a deposit to secure a vehicle available to our customers 24/7.

Please use this website only if:
1. You are ready to move forward on your vehicle purchase.
2. You have checked our inventory website at www.eimports4Less.com for all vehicle info and exact description of the vehicle.
3. You have checked our inventory website at www.eimports4Less.com for exact vehicle pricing.
4. You understand that the $1,000.00 deposit that you are placing today does not constitute the sale price of the vehicle, this is merely a deposit to secure the vehicle in your name.
5. You understand that the $1,000.00 deposit that you are placing today is non-refundable. We cannot and will not take a vehicle off the market or stop another client from purchasing a vehicle unless we have a secure non-refundable deposit.
6. Your financing is arranged. Do not leave a deposit on a vehicle unless you have a credit approval or are paying cash for the vehicle.
7. Your trade-in has been discussed.  If you have a trade-in that needs to be part of this transaction, do not leave a deposit on any vehicle until you have discussed that trade-in and it's value with an associate at eimports4Less at 215-249-9100.
8. You can complete your transaction in 7 days. All deposits hold a vehicle for 7 days total. If you cannot complete your transaction within a 7 day window and pay for your item in full, please contact an associate at eimports4Less at 215-249-9100 prior to leaving any deposit.
9. You are absolutely clear about all terms of sale with eimports4Less Auto Sales. Do not leave a deposit on any vehicle unless you are 100% crystal clear about all terms of sale and the purchase process. We are available to answer all questions for you, please call or email us to help with your purchase. Again, your $1,000.000 deposit is not refundable. If you cancel your transaction or fail to fulfill your end of the contract, your $1,000.00 will not be refunded to you. It is not refundable or cancellable for any reason.

The following terms of sale apply to all of our listings:
All vehicles are offered on a "First Come, First Served" basis. The first client to leave a deposit and secure a vehicle wins. If you are ready to purchase a vehicle, do not wait for someone else to step in front of you. Get your credit card out now and secure the vehicle in your name. The details of the transaction can be worked out any time during business hours with an eimports4Less associate at 215-249-9100.
eimports4Less reserves the right to cancel any item early and sell it to any client. We advertise our vehicles worldwide on 30+ websites, newspapers, TV ads, etc. We take credit card deposits over the phone and cancel listings regularly, so step up to the plate and leave your deposit now if you're ready. Don't wait for someone else to buy a vehicle out from under you.
For final payment, we accept wire transfers, certified checks and bank checks only. Personal checks are not acceptable.
Buyers inspections of vehicles are welcome. Please stop by and see your vehicle if you're within driving distance, but do this PRIOR to leaving your deposit. No deposits will be accepted with contingencies.
In addition to these terms, please review the terms at www.eimports4Less.com that are attached to every vehicle presentation under the "Buyer Resources" section.
All disputes relating to this vehicle or sale of this vehicle shall be resolved in Bucks County,PA. Each party shall bear their own costs and attorney fees and the Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall apply. Any claims or disputes must be made in writing to eImports4Less Auto Sales, Inc within 7 days of vehicle purchase. Thank you and good luck! Any transportation to or from eimports4Less is at the expense oft he vehicle buyer. Shipping charges are not included in any sale price and eimports4Less does not cover transport expenses for any vehicle.